This Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Will Test Your Patience

We hope you have a whole lot of patience and don’t get frustrated easily, because this jigsaw puzzle will push you to your limits. All of the pieces are clear, so you’re putting it together strictly based on matching them up — not based on a pattern.
The good news is that you can start easy and work yourself up to a harder puzzle. From Etsy shop Little Flower Pot Shop, you can get the clear jigsaw puzzle in four sizes. The Easy one is a 3-by-3 with nine pieces, but it only gets more difficult from there. The one dubbed as Okay is 5-by-5 with 25 pieces, the Hard is 7-by-7 with 49 pieces, and the (appropriately named) Crazy is 12-by-12 with 144 pieces. The harder the puzzle, the smaller the pieces.

You may have done puzzles with more pieces in the past, but the clear element can make it seem like there are 1,000 pieces to work with. So don’t underestimate just how long it’ll take you to put it all together. Good luck!

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle

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