This Creepy Skull Candle ‘Bleeds’ as It Melts

Forget those fall-inspired scents that you stock up on every year, because there’s one that is a whole lot more spooky. Prepare to have nightmares, because this skull candle melts to reveal a bloody scene. Could it be any more perfect for Halloween?

The handmade piece is molded into a skull using black beeswax. While it looks normal on the outside, as the wick melts, so does the red beeswax that hides inside. The idea is that it looks like the skull is bleeding, and it sure is horrifying.

We don’t see a reason why you can’t light it year-round, but it’s especially appropriate for Halloween. It’s sure to be a talking piece during the spooky season!

You can also get the bleeding skull candle in two other colors. There’s a red one that bleeds black, so it’s basically the opposite of the original. Then, there’s a white candle that bleeds black. Whichever one you go with (if it’s even possible to just choose one), it’s bound to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Bleeding Skull Candle

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