This Dispenser Keeps Wipes Moist and at the Ready

When I was in college, I had a rug by the front door which read “KEYS. PHONE. WALLET.” — the three items I needed to navigate life outside my home.

During these uncertain times, my floor mat would probably read “KEYS. PHONE. WALLET. MASK. HAND SANITIZER. WIPES. GLOVES.”

In light of this new reality, I rarely leave the house — but when I do, these new additions to my everyday essentials protect both myself and the folks around me from germs.

As you’re probably aware, disinfectant wipes are impossible to find in stock anywhere. I keep my sole tube of them at home for easy access to wipe down surfaces and doorknobs. On the rare occasion I leave the house, I toss a couple of wipes in a zip-close bag for when I go to the grocery store.

I quickly found out on my first new-world grocery run that unzipping a zip-close bag while wearing disposable gloves is quite difficult. Not only that, but you can’t keep the wipes in the baggie for long because they’ll dry out.

Although this OXO wipes dispenser was geared toward shelling out wet wipes for babies, I’ve found that it works extremely well with disinfectant wipes, too.

It quickly became an essential item of mine for leaving my apartment. The dispenser is 9 inches long and it comes in blue, gray, pink, and teal. It holds most standard-sized wipes (which typically are around 6 by 7 inches.) I was able to fold my wipes in half and it stored around 20 of them.

I’ve had the dispenser for a week now and my wipes are still moist. A quick push of the button on the dispenser reveals a large opening that lets you quickly grab one wipe out at a time. You don’t need two hands to get a wet wipe out, either — a problem I had with my plastic baggie.

The dispenser even has a strap so you can affix it to a bag, stroller, or shopping cart. It’s easy to refill, it can withstand drops, and it holds more than enough wipes for a quick outing.

It’s also worth mentioning that OXO has committed 1% of its annual sales to support environmental nonprofits, including ones that provide aid during this global pandemic.

If you want an affordable solution for keeping wipes fresh and on the ready, you won’t be disappointed.

OXO On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser

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