This Is Hands-Down the Best Red-Wine Stain Remover

The Brief: Let me paint a scene for you: A group of Best Products editors gather around a conference table for a few libations. Picture me (the new and all-too-clumsy managing editor) quickly cruising through a second glass of red wine. But then, reaching for my cup, I not-so-gracefully spill a generous portion of wine all over the office’s light gray carpet. Traffic screeches to a halt. Record stops. Heads turn in horror!

I stand there, face turning redder than the wine now seeping into the carpet. I run to get some paper towels, seltzer, something to wipe away this ode to clumsiness and help keep some of my dignity (and new job) intact


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As that’s happening, Melanie Yates, Best Products’ home editor extraordinaire, announces she’s just been sent a red wine stain remover. Suddenly, this becomes an impromptu product test! I spray the stain remover over the spillage and, before everyone’s eyes, the wine pulls a Houdini and disappears. Like, fully. As if it was never there.

Someone starts a slow-clap; everyone joins in. Screen fades to black.

While some of that is a bit embellished, what’s not is that the stain remover — Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover from The Hate Stains Co. — is the best wine stain remover I have ever come across. And I spill wine, a lot. As in, my couch and shirts not-so-artfully carry the remnants of past happy hours and dinner parties. So I’ve tried my fair share of stain removers, to say the least.


While we only tested the stain remover on freshly spilled wine, reviewers on Amazon say it works well, but not as amazingly, on older, set-in stains. The Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover is also available in wipes for a convenient (and for me, must-have) on-the-go cleanup during raucous wine sessions.

Closing Argument: All in all, I can safely say that this stain remover lives up to its claim: “The one bottle no wine lover should be without.”

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