This Pregnancy Pool Float Has a Hole for the Bump

Summer is all about soaking up the sun, preferably in a pool, as much as possible. Pregnant women might not be as comfortable, for the obvious reason, but holo lilo Ltd. is here to help those aches and pains so they can relax.

The pregnancy pool float looks like a regular raft, except for the prominent hole in the middle. That’s what allows pregnant women to lay on their stomachs as they drift in the pool. It’s nearly 6 feet long, so your entire body will be on the inflatable float.

Better yet, the maternity pool float doesn’t have to be used in the water. It can be used on the beach, in your home, or wherever you just want to lie down and not be completely out of sorts. The brand says that the inflatable provides support for the belly, hips, legs, back, and spine, and women have said that it has helped alleviate pain.

holo Pregnancy Pool Float

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