This Tree Cat Bed Guarantees That Your Pet Is Super Festive This Season

When it’s time to swap out your cat’s haunted house pet bed, you’ll need a festive new one to replace it with. This Christmas tree pet bed will make your furry best friend the jolliest cat in the world, if there is such a thing.

The seasonal cave-like bed features a green tree base that’s decorated in multicolored pompoms and completed with a yellow star on top. It’s made of cotton fleece fabric, so your cat is bound to be super cozy all cuddled up.

You can get the machine-washable Christmas tree cat bed on Amazon Prime. While it’s directed towards cats, dogs will also love burrowing themselves in the warm bed. Plus, any pet will look so cute sleeping in this Christmastime-approved cave.

There are plenty of other holiday pet bed designs to choose from as well. Hollypet on Amazon Prime makes a range of styles, including candy canes, a reindeer, a Santa Claus hat, and a Christmas tree. Whether your cat or dog likes it or not, they are going to be festive this season.

Candy Cane Pet Bed

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Christmas Tree Pet Bed

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