This Wet Brush Is the Only Thing That Can Tame My Tangled Hair

My hair has a history of eating brushes. It’s fine, and naturally straight, but there’s a lot of it … which usually leads to mangled and missing bristles within a few short months. I’ve lost count of how many brushes I’ve literally broken in half while brushing my hair.

To make things worse, about a year or two ago, my typically straight strands started becoming an insanely tangled nest every time I washed it. It would take a good 20 minutes to work out all the knots, all while trying to prevent tears and breakage. My stylist explained that the texture hadn’t changed overnight, but that the tangles were a result of dryness and damage from years of color treatments. Yay.

I had two options: Never wash my hair again, or try to find a solution. I went with option two and bought a Wet Brush from my local drugstore. Instantly, all my tangle troubles were over. It was almost too easy! The Wet Brush looks like any other brush, but the difference is in the IntelliFlex bristles. They’re seriously strong, yet soft to the touch, which prevents any pulling or scalp pain. I’ve owned several brushes that look similar, but none are able to glide through so easily. And here’s how I know it’s different from all the others: After a year of use, it still looks almost new. No broken handle, no holes where bristles had fallen victim to angry knots.

One time, I forgot to pack mine while traveling and I was right back to the 20-minute detangling sessions. It’s now the first thing that goes in my bag when I’m getting ready for a trip. I’ll never take the Wet Brush for granted again!

Wet Brush Original Detangler Brush

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