Top 5 Apple Pencil Alternatives 2018

People know about Apple Pencil, it is an input stylus which is used on the iPad tablet computer and iPad Pro. But to due to the high-cost people can’t afford it for the second time. Some can’t afford it in the first time itself. But if you are searching for an electronic gadget at an affordable price, you can certainly search Aliexpress as they are known for high-quality Chinese products at a cheap rate.

So, here are some of the Top Alternatives for Apple Pencil for you from Aliexpress.

1. Metal Universal Active Stylus Pen, Tablet Screen Touch Pencil
for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 12.9 10.5 inch Sketching Drawing Lettering
This amazing product is compatible with most of the products like tablets, mobile phones, etc. For taking college notes, it can be used with effectiveness. When fully charged it can run for 8 to 10 hours easily. The apps which the compatible with the device are Paper, ProCreate, Art Set, Sketchbook, and many more. You can save the battery using the power protection mode in the pencil.
The price of the product is $26.21 and it is usually delivered within 12 to 20 days.    Buy Now

2. For apple Pencil, KINGMAS 2018 new stylus capacitance touch Pencil
For ipad Pro/ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / iPad mini 1
This pencil is compatible with Apple brand. It has a nice 45 mm tip for smooth drawing and writing. It takes around 60 minutes to charge and you can use it for 10 hours after that. There is a power saving option for saving the battery.
The price is around $27.99 and you can expect the delivery within 20 days.     Buy Now

3. Suntaiho new stylus capacitance touch
Pencil for apple iPad with retail Packaging
This pencil has a price of $28.36. The high-performance pencil comes with a 140mAh battery which runs for 8 hours continuously when fully charged. The charging cable is included in the kit. The usual time of delivery is within 20 days.    Buy Now

4. Stylus Pen For iPad Pro 9.7 10.5 12.9
For Apple Pencil For iPhone X 8 7 For iPad mini 1/2/3/4 For Xiaomi mi Pad /2/3 touch pen
The product is compatible with most of the tablets and mobile phones. The length of the pencil is 7.09 inches. It takes around 80 minutes for charging and after that, you can use it for 12 hours.
The price of this amazing product is around $28.40. Usually, the product is delivered to the customer within 12 to 20 days by the seller.     Buy Now

5. WIWU Stylus Touch Pen for iPad 2018 Pro 9.7 10.5 12.9 inch
for Apple Pencil Stylus Pen for Capacitive Screen Universal Touch Pen

The price of the product is a bit higher than the other brands in Aliexpress. It is around $28.51. This amazing pencil is available it 5 different colors. It stays active for 8 hours after an hour of charging. This high-quality product comes with a year’s replacement warranty.     Buy Now

 Reasons to buy Apple Pencil Alternative or iPad Stylus on Aliexpress
Yes given the real pencil itself cost USD99. These are the best Apple Pencil alternatives for you from Aliexpress at a fraction of the real ones. Not only these but you could get much more here. There are different categories of products full of replicas and cheap Chinese product which have looks and feel of the same original one.

Aliexpress has become a very big name in online marketing since its launch. Previously it followed the steps of Alibaba but now it is a big brand in itself. But unlike Alibaba, Aliexpress does not charge a thing from the registered members. The time of delivery is express and most of the time, you can expect free delivery. The website is perfect for small wholesale orders. For the protection of your transactions, they provide Escrow service. This assures that you always get your order as only after the order is delivered to you, Aliexpress releases the payment of the seller. There are pleasant experiences as well as unpleasant ones. So what, every company has that. But most of the time you are guaranteed the best product by the website.