Top 5 Budget Action Cameras on Internet 2018

ction cameras with its wide use in sports have recently become the most popular and talked about product. Buying an action camera Aliexpress China can be a tough choice to make due to the widely available options and products in the field.

The article talks about the wide range of products with all its features mentioned to make the choice much easier and logical. You can easily make a valid choice with the help of the mentioned points and also make a purchase if desired.

1. YI Action Camera 1080P Lime Green 16.0MPWith an ultra wide 155 degree angle and noise reduction features, this Yi Action Camera is the suitable choice to make if looking forward to buying an action camera. Ranging from USD $49.99 to 99.99 the product will be shipped to you within ten days. The YI camera gives you an F2.8 aperture and a 16-megapixel clear lens with a battery of 990 mAh. The device comes with an expandable memory and weighs 100 gm. The best part is it has a camera sensor 16MAGE Sony EXMOR R CMOS B and has Bluetooth and remote control support. With a built-in Wi-Fi 100m signal, it gives you a total of 64 GB storage space. You can easily buy the product at the below mentioned link.

Price: USD $49.99 to 99.99   Buy Now

2. YI 1080P Action Camera White With a camera quality of sixteen megapixels and ultra wide 155-degree angle lens, the device supports Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth. The action camera aliexpress has a 60/30fps and 3D noise reduction facility just at USD $49.99. The device has the maximum aperture of F2.8 and a battery capacity of 990mAH. Also, it has a sensor size of ½.3 inch and image resolution of 1080p. The product has an expandable memory of up to 64 GB and can an Ambarella A7LS high-performance image processor with a 155 degree ultra wide-angle glass lens. It also has a built-in microphone, audio and a Wi-Fi of 100m signal, along with an ST high-performance g-sensor and High-definition H.264 image encoding.

Price: $49.99   Buy Now

3. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Outdoor action Camera This action camera aliexpress supports the video recording and ultra HD Wi-Fi with a camera quality of 120 megapixels. It also has a 170 degree wide angle to get the best view possible. The camera just costs USD $63.99-74.59 and comes with a wide range of accessories and three different color options. The sellers promise to deliver the camera within ten days of placing the order. The main processor used in the device is SPCA6350M (1080P/60FPS) and a battery capacity of 1050 mAh. Along with the night vision and a 1080p image resolution, it is known to give you the best possible image quality and comes with a 128mb inbuilt storage expandable up to 64 GB. The camera is a wireless one and uses the OmniVision Series image sensors.

Price: $60.98 (offer)    Buy Now

4. SOOCOO S300 Action Camera The SOOCOO S300 Action Camera comes with an LCD display screen of 2.35” and a built-in Wi-Fi. With a camera quality of twelve megapixels, it provides you an external mic support and CMOS remote control. The device just costs USD $99 and comes in a choice of two colors. The device can be purchased from the AliExpress and all the transactions and shipments are made safe under the buyer protection mode. The camera comes along with an additional image stabilizing feature and is totally waterproof. The aperture used by the device is F2.0. The camera takes all the pictures with specializes image sensor and the Hisilicon Hi3559V100 (4k/30FPS) image sensor.

Price: $99    Buy Now

5. EKEN h9 4k Action Camera (Most Popular)

The Eken H9 4K Action Camera comes with a touchscreen and an image 2.4G remote controller with an OTA update. Available at a reasonable price of USD $38.99, the device provides you an image and camera quality of 1080p and 14 megapixels respectively. You can easily get the product using any of the protected payment methods. The device just weighs 500 gm and comes with an expandable memory of 32 GB. The device can be used for diving, extreme sports, and professional purposes. With an itch 6350 processor and a high definition of 4K 25fps/1080P 60fps, it is completely waterproof and uses an aperture of F2.5. IT supports the fast charge and comes with two replaceable batteries.

The device can be remotely controlled and available at the online for purchase for $38     Buy Now