Ultimate guide to good cheap virtual reality glasses on AliExpress

Last year these virtual reality glasses took over the market and this year predictions all point out that 3D glasses are going one of the most sought after technology toy among users everywhere.

In AliExpress, sellers are super aware of the boom VR BOX made in the market, so they offer the latest models of these devices to create virtual reality at the cheapest price you can find online.

Many of you have asked us about these glasses: what use do they have, how do they work and how much the cost. We are going to answer these questions and so much more. Stay put to know exactly how to find the best deals and start your virtual experience as soon as possible!

What are these virtual reality glasses and what are they used for?

If you still haven’t tried them, don’t waste a second, they are absolutely incredible! So much so that you can be sure craziest stories you have heard about them are probably true. They immerse you directly in the video or a game you will forget you are someplace else.

And of course, the latest models are lot more comfortable that the classic cardboard virtual glasses. The new glasses adapt completely to your head without bothering your eyes at all. Oh, and if you use seeing glasses, you can also put them underneath. Want to know more and check how you see through them? Take a look at this video :).

Why are they called augmented reality glasses?

You probably already have seen a movie with 3D glasses at the cinema. Well, these glasses achieve the same thing, only you can enjoy them at home or wherever you want (if you are using them with your phone). Not only can they be used with games and small videos (later we will be talking about their applications), you can also see movies you downloaded in 3D as long as your phone recognizes the format. So you can live a virtual reality anywhere you go!

How do these virtual reality glasses work?

The mechanism couldn’t be easier. Just place your phone in the device (its compatible with most devices, from 3.5 inches, to 4.7 or even 5 or 6 inches), and you are set to go. There are also models with incorporated CPU. So you won’t even have to put the phone on the glasses.

By using air vents, the VR glasses won’t overheat or bother you at all. Also you can even charge your phone while you used them, so you don’t have to bother about the battery running out either.

The glasses feature two small commands to adapt the lens and to choose the setting so you can see images closer, farther, more to the left or to the right. And, thanks to the cushioning, you can wear them for hours on end without even noticing. Furthermore, the nose hole is also a great feature and the elastic straps are adaptable, so all in all this is definitely a comfy device.

Applications, compatibility and tricks

A couple of years ago, virtual glasses barely had any applications. Nowadays, you can find tons of application in the Play Store to download and use with your 3D glasses: games, videos, landscapes, movies… let’s just say you won’t be getting bored any time soon.

3D Glasses on AliExpress

AlixBlogger advice: Before we start, you should know that some 3D glasses found on AliExpress don’t include the bluetooth command to play games and set certain functions when using the glasses.

You can take a look at the catalogue of glasses available on AliExpress by clicking on any of the following links:

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Did you take a look? If you are looking for cheap virtual reality glasses, AliExpress is the place for you. You can get glasses that would cost 70 euros in specialized shops for only 15, 17 or 20 euros, and without compromising the quality! Furthermore, we took a look at Amazon and found the same VR BOX model we found on AliExpress for 20, for more than 30 euros. This being said, there is a difference in price when it comes to different models, and there are some expensive ones, but this also means they have more complex features.