Water Pillow With More Than 3,000 Rave Amazon Reviews

I always considered myself to be a low-maintenance sleeper. I rarely have back or neck issues, and I (luckily) wouldn’t experience them even if I slept curled up like a pretzel at the bottom of my bed. Seriously, I was never particular about my sleeping experience. That’s until I realized there are certain aspects of sleeping that can improve the overall quality of sleep — and that makes a big difference when it comes to the way I feel in the morning.

Lately I’ve been down for trying anything that helps push my REM cycle over the edge so I can wake up feeling completely restored instead of groggy and foggy. I’ve started to dabble in the melatonin-inducing magic of sleep teas, switched to silk pillowcases and luxe sheets, even experimented with the right lighting. Quite honestly, I find myself turning into more of a sleep snob.

So of course, when I came across one of those water pillows from Amazon that has 3,000-plus raving reviews on Amazon, I knew I had to get my hands (or should I say head) on one.

It’s called the Mediflow Water Pillow, and I’m obsessed.

How Does It Work?!

This pillow features a unique patented technology that makes it a seamless process (literally) to fill the pillow up (with cold or room-temperature water) to the desired level of firmness using the convenient and discreet spout that has a mouth wide enough to prevent spilling. You might want to let some water out or add more water, depending on what kind of sleeping experience you want to have.

Technically, the brand says you can leave that water inside of the pillow for up to a year before changing it!

What Else Is Cool About This Pillow?

The Mediflow has been proven by Johns Hopkins to reduce neck pain and overall sleep quality. So, whether you just want to sleep more soundly through the night, or you’re dealing with actual neck issues from your current sleep sitch, you might seriously fall in love with this water pillow either way.

Whether you sleep on your side or your back, the Mediflow will move in sync with you, so you never have to worry about fluffing or adjusting your pillow just because your body is moving around. The insulated water pouch is surrounded by a fiber layer and encased in hypoallergenic cotton for ultimate comfort.

Next, I can’t wait to get my hands on the recently released memory-foam version of the pillow.

The First and Original Water Pillow

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