We Picked 5 Pumpkin Decor Finds That Are Perfect for Celebrating Fall

We can’t believe it either, but decorative gourd season is finally here! Don’t just stop at your entryway display, fill your home with pumpkin decorations of all types! Beckon in the beginning of pumpkin-picking weather with this patch of 15 pumpkin decor finds.


Denlix Mercury Glass Pumpkin Light

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This battery-powered, mercury-glass pumpkin light sparks autumnal ambiance wherever it’s placed. Switch it on to make it glow steadily for up to 6 hours at a time.





Pier 1 Multicolor Mini Pumpkins Wreath

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A must-have for those with a passion for all things pumpkin decor, this stylish wreath showcases an entire patch’s worth of faux Jack Be Littles and Baby Boos.





JuJuBeeGoods Felt Ball Pumpkin Garland

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Dialing back on the orange overload this year? This neutral-colored felt garland offers a more refined take on pumpkin decor.





Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Wallflowers Fragrance

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You don’t have to turn on your oven to enjoy this sweet treat! This “Pumpkin-Cupcake”-scented room fragrance (used with a Wallflowers outlet plug-in) from Bath & Body Works is equal parts creamy, sugary, and allspice-y.



Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

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The crown jewel of the kitchen, Staub’s pumpkin-shaped cocotte is as tough as it is beautiful. Crafted of cast iron, this heavy-duty pot can withstand up to 500 degrees of roasting, serving up delicious one-pot dinners like chili or chicken right from the vessel.