Why You Need This $10 On-the-Go Razor

I’ve never been any good at shaving. Ever since puberty, I’ve always done a half-assed job at keeping my legs smooth, which is quite a disadvantage for a girl with extremely thick body hair. I’m prone to missing large patches of body hair on my calves, thighs, pits and more, so I’d usually stow away an extra razor in my purse to take care of last-minute spots of hair that I’d catch while heading out.

The day that I stumbled upon the Sphynx Razor in a Long Island mall changed everything. To this day it’s the $10 saving grace to my usually dry-shaved legs!

This isn’t your average razor: the Sphynx comes in playful circular packaging that looks a little like an old-school ‘90s toy, and contains much more than the eye can initially see. Inside, it holds a refillable spray bottle, a pre-shave moisturizing bar of soap, and two single-blade razors (one for now, and one for future use).

Here’s how it works: First, you spritz the spot you’d like to shave with the spray water bottle, then you twist the center dial to reveal the bar soap. Once you lightly lather on the bar soap, twist the knob again to reveal the razor, give yourself a quick shave, and you’re all set to go!

Not only is the Sphynx Portable Razor a nifty item to keep in your everyday tote, but it’s also TSA-friendly and is small enough to toss in your gym bag. Use it to get rid of underarm stubble, missed patches of leg hair, even spots on your bikini line before heading out to the beach.

The Sphynx is truly an essential to pack away for the day-to-day quick fixes for your hairiest situations, no matter where the day takes you!

Sphynx Razor with Refillable Blades & Shave Bar

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