Xiaomi and Surker Hair Clippers on AliExpress

f you have decided to cut your hair at home, or if you own a barbershop, today we will review and compare the best Chinese and international brands of hair clippers that you can find on AliExpress.

We will review technical aspects such as the motor, the blades, the combs, and the materials used. Finally, we will give you some extra tips that you should consider to buy the best clipper for your specific needs

Xiaomi hair clippers

The Chinese brand Xiaomi is one of the most popular. They started by making mobile phones of great value for money, but soon they began to partner with other companies to offer all kinds of products that have already succeeded in offering great quality, good features, and a very reasonable price.

In this case, we talk about wireless clippers, since Xiaomi always seeks the greatest comfort. The length of the cut can be adjusted using a button that slides the comb, which is ideal as it will take up less space. The blades are made of nanoceramic, a material that is harder than stainless steel, needs less maintenance, and generates less noise.

They use a powerful engine with turbo mode as well as multiple energy efficiency and power management systems, to maintain power even when the battery runs low. It can also be used with children since its blades have a rounded shape on the edges to avoid cuts and have fast charging via USB, ideal for taking it on a trip.

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Surker hair clipper

Surker has carved out a niche in the vast AliExpress market of hair clippers, with professional products that look a lot like Wahl, Artero, or Moser clippers. Their clippers resemble more classic models, and there are several low-priced models.

Again, these are rechargeable hair clippers, although in this case they are not charged by USB. They have an ergonomic design to offer maximum comfort and an LCD screen where you can see the remaining autonomy. Includes large-capacity batteries to maintain autonomy of up to 5 hours.

Some of their models have titanium blades, but most use self-sharpening stainless steel blades. With these latter, you will have to add oil continuously, but they offer a good result and great resistance. In some models, the machine itself will notify us when we have to add oil or clean the blades. This brand opts for the classic guide comb system with various lengths from 1.5 to 12 mm.

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