You Can Finally Do Your Own Gel Mani With These At-Home Kits

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered with chipped nails. Traveling? Packed social schedule? You need a mani that looks good, and — most importantly — lasts. That’s why you might want to consider investing in an at-home gel polish kit! No longer limited to just salons, these kits make it easy to replicate a gel mani yourself, so you can save money, time, and keep your nails looking fresh for 2 weeks or longer!


Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit

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This kit contains everything you need for a gel manicure — a pre- and post-application nail cleanser, residue-removing nail prep, base coat, top coat, gel polish color, cuticle oil, and, of course, an LED lamp to cure the polish (harden it onto nails). Simply follow each step according to the instructions, and you’ll have a chip-free manicure in under an hour.



Modelones Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

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Now you can do an entire at-home manicure from start to finish with this gel kit that also includes nail tools. It’s an amazing value since you won’t have to buy anything else! Plus, it comes with six mini polishes (most only come with one or two) so you’ll have plenty of color options.



Gelish Mini Basix Gel Nail Polish Kit

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This salon-style gel kit has all of the prep-and-finish essentials you need to get started, along with an LED lamp that cures polish in just 45 seconds! Each brush also features a laser-cut, domed design that gives you a smoother application and even better control.




Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

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This simple gel manicure kit has only the basics you need, and at an attractive price. The brand promises you’ll get 10 total applications out of the included gel color, base, and top coat.




Essie 2-pc. Gel Couture Nail Polish Kit

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This Essie product isn’t actually a gel, but rather a polish that dries to a gel-like finish for up to 2 weeks of wear. You won’t need a lamp for this one, as the special top coat is all it takes to seal and dry the long-lasting polish.