You Haven’t Met These Towel Warmers Yet?

Whether you’re looking for a warm, fluffy towel post-shower or you want to create a spa-like atmosphere right in your home, a towel warmer is a luxurious appliance that everyone deserves. We’ve researched and evaluated 13 different towel warmers to help you find the one that’s perfect for your bathroom setup.

Whether a wall-mounted option works best for you or you’re looking into freestanding, canister, or countertop configurations, we have you covered. Just make sure that you don’t purchase a hard-wired warmer if you don’t plan on hiring a contractor or installing it yourself!

Read on and cozy up with our top towel warmer picks.

Brandon Basics Wall Mounted Electric Towel Warmer

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Most towel warmers have a single power switch typically located at the tallest point of the rack, which isn’t always visible. The Brandon Basics towel warmer, on the other hand, has three buttons at its front for controlling power and setting timers. 
There’s a 1- or 2-hour timer you can set to automatically power off the warmer. Even better, there are nifty LED indicators for checking to see if the warmer is powered on or not. That way, you don’t accidentally burn your hand testing it.

Tangkula Towel Warmer

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Towel warmers are without a doubt luxury goods that don’t run cheap — especially if you plan to purchase a wall-mounted warmer. The Tangkula towel warmer is the exception to the rule. It can warm up your towels in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it has 10 polished stainless steel bars to heat multiple towels simultaneously.
The towel warmer is equipped with a 71-inch power cable on its bottom-left corner and a power switch on its right side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer an automatic shutoff feature, but it is quite energy-efficient, using about the same amount of energy as a light bulb.

BBEE.TECH Towel Warmer Heated Towel Rack

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This modern towel warmer is backed by a 2-year warranty that covers all replacements and parts. It also includes lifetime technical support from the manufacturer. This option is made from stainless steel and comes in a mirrored or black finish. Buyers even have the choice to spend a little extra for a built-in timer that’ll shut the heater off after 2 or 4 hours.
Besides its generous warranty, we like that the towel warmer’s 10 curved bars are rust- and water-resistant. Not to mention, there’s plenty of room to hang, heat, and dry towels for a family of four. 

Zadro Ultra Large Towel Warmer

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This towel warmer resembles a waste bin more than an attractive rack, but it’s spacious enough for two oversized towels or even a bathrobe. Its utilitarian design blends right into your bathroom decor, and its larger size keeps warm, fluffy towels at the ready for multiple bathers.