You Need These Bartender-Approved Cocktail Shakers in Your Life

Stirred cocktails (like the Negroni) are great and all, but shaken cocktails (like margaritas, for example) are where the party’s at. If you love making drinks at home or are hunting for the perfect gift for your cocktail-aficionado friend, check out our picks for the best cocktail shakers. Each of the below picks has a tight seal, feels comfortable in-hand, and is easy to pop open and clean. You’ll want to add these cocktail shakers to your bar cart, stat.



Cocktail Kingdom Koriko Weighted Cocktail Shaker Set

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Simplicity, comfort, and a tight seal is really all you really need for a good cocktail shaker, and these Koriko-style tins from Cocktail Kingdom check all the boxes. Top-rated by Wirecutter, this shaker is super easy to pop open post-shake — plus, it doesn’t leak.



Cresimo Cocktail Shaker

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Simple, sleek, and sophisticated, this best-selling 24-ounce stainless steel cocktail shaker also comes with a handy drink recipe booklet. Now you can be a master home mixologist!





Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

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With a slightly more narrow barrel than other designs, this 25-ounce stainless steel cocktail shaker is great for smaller hands. The textured seam at the lip of the shaker also helps prevent slippage while you’re shaking.




Sertodo Copper Hammered Copper Boston Shaker

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Maybe we’re a sucker for pretty copper barware, but this hammered copper Boston shaker is a stunner. The weighted base cup is an oversized 30 ounces, making this cocktail shaker great for mixing up more than two cocktails at once (when she’s not sittin’ pretty behind your bar).



Premium Boston Shaker Set

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This cocktail shaker set includes one weighted 28-ounce base tin and an unweighted 18-ounce cover tin for perfect balance and a tight seal while you’re shaking or stirring. No spills, no problem.