Your Butt Deserves Its Own Skincare Products

Typically, when we think of skincare, we focus solely on the face and completely neglect our precious skin from the neck down. One region in particular that gets left in the shadows? The butt. Thanks to a slew of products bubbling up on the beauty shelves, our tuchuses are finally getting the attention they deserve. Whether you suffer from butt acne (or buttne, as we like to call it), or just want to give your bum a little boost in volume, there’s a product out there for you.

Click through to discover our absolute favorite buttne banishers, rump lifters, and other magical butt beauty products to make your booty glow.



Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

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The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has now achieved cult status in the realm of butt beauty. While it’s known for the magic it works to contour your bum (hence the name), this cream actually works to tighten any area you desire. What’s the secret? Guaraná, a native Amazonian plant with a potent form of caffeine, works with a cocktail of cupuaçu butter, antioxidant powerhouse açaí, and coconut oil to form this fast-acting cream that instantly smoothes the skin. It’s also formulated with a hint of mica to add subtle sheen for that true Brazilian glow.



Massk 3-Step Butt Cheek Beauty Kit

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This kit may be a little pricey, but it’s definitely worth every penny. It gives you everything you need for the ultimate booty rejuvenation: a clarifying vitamin C and charcoal-infused cleanser, an exfoliating cheek mask, and a soothing shea butter lotion to prep and prime your booty for bikini season.




Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash

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Need a better booty on a budget? Truth be told, if it’s safe for your facial skin, it’s likely also safe for your butt. In case you need further reassurance, this classic drugstore buy from Neutrogena is specifically designed for use on the body, your buttocks included, to battle breakouts. It’s formulated with salicylic acid to both treat and prevent buttne.




Bawdy Butt Mask Collection

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Sheet masks for your butt are all the rage now, and we’re living for this Bawdy collection because it gives you all four of the brand’s trendy types for an affordable price. The set includes the Shake It, Slap It, Squeeze It, and Bite It sheet masks, all of which provide different benefits for your bum. Shake It is used to firm and illuminate, while Slap It works to retexturize the skin. Squeeze It brightens, and Bite It tones. It has everything you need for the ultimate spa day (or week) for your bottom.



Bliss Fabgirl Firm Body Firming & Contouring Cream

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If firming is a desired outcome for your butt skincare routine, you’re in luck. Bliss’ newly revamped Fabgirl Firm works on any area where you need a little tightening. Formulated with a stimulating mega-blend of botanicals and caffeine, it visibly tones the skin for improved body contour.